Mauro Staccioli

Mauro Staccioli was born in Volterra in 1937 and lives and works today in Milan.
His one-man shows include Galleria Spazio, Bologna (2004); Galleria Mara Coccia, Rome (2005); Studio Maria Cilena arte contemporanea, Milan (2005, 2006); Galleria Gumagalli, Bergamo (2006); Museo d'Arte Contemporanea all'Aperto, Morterone (2006); Volterra (2009).
Projects of recent years include his "round" sculptures  for Andorra (1991) and Munich (1996); the two large pieces forthe  Museum of San Diego (1996): the "triangle" for the European Foundation for Sculpture (1996) and "Suspended Equilibrium" for Parc Solvay (1998), both situated in Brussels. In 2002 he worked at the Monchengladbach Museum and in Pesaro, with an installation located at the entrance to the city. Following the unconventional piece designed for the Lapiz Building in San Diego (2003) - where a piece of stainless steel pierces the building's façade - he created the steep arch in the spaces of the Galleria Fioretto in Padua; and the three semicircle forms in iron located in the hills of Brufa (2004). There followed the Elipse, il Triangle with curved sides (2004) and the Square (2005). Nel 2011 he held a solo show at the archeological park in Solacium, Catanzaro.   In 2008 Staccioli created a permanent art piece for the community of San Casciano in Val di Pesa and the following year permanently installed Stollo in Piazza della Biblioteca in Greve in Chianti. He continues to work on pieces internationally in Taiwan, Puerto Rico, Korea, Egypt and the United States.