Claudio Parmiggiani

Claudio Parmiggiani was born in Luzzara (Reggio Emilia) in 1945. Today he lives and works near Parma.
Among his many recent one-man shows we recall here: Modern Art Museums of Darmstadt and Prague (1992-93);  Musée d'Art Moderne et Contemporain, Geneva (1995); one-man show in the Italian Pavilion, XLVI Biennale di Venezia, Venice (1995); Musée des Beaux- Arts, Dijon (1996); Musée des Beaux-Arts, Nantes (1997); Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris (1997); Fattoria di Celle, Pistoia (1997); Promotrice delle Belle Arti, Turin (1998); Hotel des Arts, Toulon (1999); Galleria nazonale dell'Islanda, Listasfni Island (2000); Studio National des arts contemporains, Le Fresnoy, Turcoing (2001); Musée Fabre, Montpellier (2002); Galleria d'arte moderna, Bologna (2003); Chiesa dei SS. Carlo e Agata, Reggio Emilia (2003); Museo d'arte, Tel Aviv (2003); Biblioteca Civica e palazzo dei Musei, Modena (2005); Chapelle des Brigittines, Brussels (2006); Teatro Farnese, Parma (2006); Galleria de' Foscherari, Bologna (2006); Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Havana (2006); Department des Sculptures et Antiquitès,Musèe du Louvre, Paris (2007); Palazzo Fabroni, Pistoia (2007-2008); Collège des Barnardins, Paris (2008); Studio Claudia Gian Ferrari, Milan (2009); Palazzo del Governatore & Chiesa di San Marcellino, Parma (2010-2011). 

Moreover we recall here that Parmiggiani has created several works at Celle - among these, in 1997, the temporary exhibition De-locazione at the Casapeppe exhibition space: ten rooms "drawn" with dust and ashes, shown through 1999.
Other important permanent projects in Tuscany include the new Dialysis Center in Pistoia (2005) and the Parco della Padule, Carrara (2002) ( Recently the artist has curated - for the City of Reggio Emilia - the series "Invitation to Luciano Fabro, ASol LeWitt, Eliseo Mattiacci, Robert Morris, Ricghard Serra" (


Delocazione 1997 Claudio Parmiggiani
Inventario. Tutto รจ progetto-Everything is a project., 2013

Ezio Grazioli, Delocazione 1997 Claudio Parmiggiani, "Inventario", 2013, vol 7, pp. 3-15

2013 Inventario n. 07 2.pdf


Claudio Parmiggiani: Polvere

Casapeppe; Inauguration of the temporary exhibition by Claudio Parmiggiani entitled Polvere.

Inauguration of Claudio Parmiggiani's work:

The new main entrance to the Villa Celle chapel is inaugurated together with the restored interior of the building. An introduction is given by Sergio Risaliti and a concert by Vanessa Andrenelli on the pump organ.