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Modus Operandi Celle
1987 - glass

The island, located at the center of the large lake in the Celle park, is the site Kosuth chose for his first permanent outdoor installation. Visitors dock the boat on the island and walk along the narrow pathways that lead them to the nineteenth-century tempietto containing a Venus figure, carved in Carrara marble and surrounded by stone benches. However, it is impossible to reach the structure because the artist has divided the island into two parts by means of a two-meter high glass wall. On the transparent surface are inscribed (in English and Italian) these words by Nietzche: "The things themselves, which only the limited brains of men and animals believed fixed and stationary, have no real existence at all. They are the flashing and sparks of drawn swords, the glow of victory in the conflict of opposing qualities."
The work is completed with topographical drawings etched on the glass wall, which should be understood with the words as the key to reading the unreachable tempietto.

Joseph Kosuth

Joseph Kosuth, born in Toledo in 1945, lives and works today in Rome and New York.
A pioneer of Conceptual and installation art, we recall here a few of his later one-man shows: Fondazione Ratti, Como (1995); Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo (1995); MIT - List Visual Arts Center, Boston (1997); The Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin (1997); Kunsthaus Glarus, Glarus, CH (1998); Villa Medici - Académie de France, Rome (1999); Schirn Kunsthalle, Frankfurt (1999); Kunstmuseum des Kantons Thurgau, Ittingen, CH (1999); City Museum, Chiba, Japan (1999); Collegium Artisticum, Sarajevo (2001); Musée Champollion, Figeac (2002); Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum, Boston (2003); Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven (2004); Hellenic-American Union, Athens (2004); Nikolaj Contemporary Art Center, Copenhagen (2005); Sprueth Majors Lee, London (2006); Reykjavik Art Museum (2006); La casa encendida, Madrid (2008); Musée du Louvre, Paris (2009-10). Moreover Kosuth has taken part in five editions of the Kassel Documenta and four editions of the Venice Biennale.
Kosuth has also carried out an intensive teaching career at the most important American and European academies and universities. Of the innumerable prizes, grants and honors assigned him we recall here the honorary degree in Philosophy and Letters conferred on him in 2001 by the University of Bologna.

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