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1997 - bronze, stone

Designed for the southern façade of the fattoria building, the sundial marks the passage of time from sunrise to sunset. Into a pre-existing architectural frame, the artist has inserted a white stone plaque marked with the lines and numbers of the hours. Time is told by Cornelli's fanciful bronze gnomon, in the form of a small lizard, whose raised tail catches the light and casts a shadow onto the hour markings. The animal is so life-like that his immobility seems to be simply a temporary pause in his race across the wall.

Fabrizio Corneli

Fabrizio Corneli (Florence, 1958) lives and works in Florence. Among his many solo exhibitions we recall here: Studio G7, Bologna (1994, 1998, 2002, 2007); Kunstverein Grafschaft, Bentheim, Neuenhaus (1996); Università Bocconi, Milan (1999); Msshokan, Kobe (2000, 2007); Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, Tokyo (2001); Studio Trisorio, Naples and Rome (2002, 2004, 2005); Galleria Artiscope, Brussels (2003); Yokohama Portside Gallery, Yokohama (2003); Villa la Magia, Quarrata PT (2005); Galleria von Bartha, S-chanf, Valle Engadina (2007), Ana Serratosa-Arte, Valencia (2011), Archäologisches Museum Frankfurt, Frankfurt (2012).

Ha realizzato progetti ambientali per Parkplatz, "Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger", Colonia (1997); Fontenuova d'Ovile, Siena (1998); Choeur de l'Eglise Sainte-Foy, Sélestat (1999, permanent); Circo Massimo, Roma (2000); S. Andrea in Tontoli, Prato (2000, permanent); Shushinkan, Kobe (2001, permanent); Roman Theater, Cassino (2002); Elec 2002, Parc d'Exposition, Paris; Etrans, Laufenburg, Basel (2003, permanent); Roman Cistern, Todi (PG) 2003; "Expo" Aichi, Italian Pavilion of Nagoya (2005); Villa la Magia, Quarrata PT (2005, permanent): Anderlecht, Brussels (2006, permanent); Sannomya Tower, Sannomya, Kobe (2007, permanent); St. Angela, Bornheim Hersel, Bonn (2008, permanent); Piazza del Duomo, Aquila (2011); Piazza S. Maria in Castello, Prato (2014, permanente).


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