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The Tree of Golden Fruit
2002 - bronze

The artist chose to work inside the historic aviary, transforming it from a confining structure for birds into a temporary refuge where they can eat and rest before taking flight once again. The thick vegetation already growing inside the cage was enriched by Folon's large bronze tree with seven arms, whose cupped hands offer food and water to the birds. The dark-colored tree is offset by the shining golden fruits that hang along its boughs, which become bright points of light that subtly highlight the fertile character of the piece.

Jean-Michel Folon

One of the most internationally beloved artists, illustrator-painter-graphic designer Jean-Michel Folon (Uccle, 1934 - Monte Carlo, 2005) began to make his first sculptural pieces in the late Eighties. In 1990 the Metropolitan Museum in New York held a show of his first "objects" carved in wood, worked and painted while his strictly sculptural work, for the most part cast in bronze, was presented at the Pedrera, Barcelona in 1993. Many of his monumental scale works in marble were carried out in Pietrasanta where an overview of his three-dimensional work was held in 1999. The next year witnessed an exhibition of his large-scale works in Plaza del Commercio in Lisbon, as well as the inauguration of the Fondation Folon located in the parc Solvay, outside Brussels. Folon's permanent sculpture can be seen at the Casinò in Knokke - Le Zoute, Belgium; Parc Royal, Brussels; Brussels International airport.

Recalling some of his most important retrospectives, we recall the ones held at: La Defense, Paris (1984); Museo Marino Marini, Florence (1990); Bunkamura Museum, Tokyo(1995); Museo Olimpico di Lausanne (1996); Museo Giorgio Morandi, Bologna (1996); Forte Belevedere, Florence in the summer of 2005.

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