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Celle Sculpture
1985 - iron, steel wire, tempera paint on the wall

The work was intended for the artificial lighting of the small room on the second floor of the farm building. Leaning against the left wall, a thick sheet of steel seems to bend under the weight of two large glass plates. These are an illusion created by steel wires stretched out and forming two large rectangles. The light green color of both the wires and the shadow that the artist painted on the wall reinforce the illusion of plates of glass suspended in the space.

Pietro Coletta

Born in Bari in 1948, Pietro Coletta lives and works in Milan.
Among his many one-man and group shows we recall here the exhibition of his work that traveled to the Sofia Imber Contemporary Art Museum, Caracas - Recoleta Cultural Center, Buenos Aires -Museum of Contemporary Art, Bogotà (1992); one-man show, Galleria Neos, Santeramo, Bari (1993, 1994); La scultura italiana 1950-1993, Galleria Fioretto, Padua (1993); La scultura, uno scultore, un'opera, Galleria G7, Bologna (1993); Disegno della scultura italiana, Galleria Martano, Turin (1996); Paper Dreams, The Art of Drawing in Lombardy 1946-1996, Museo della grafica, Lubiana e il Museo di Pietroburgo (1996);  one-man show, Ogliastra, Tortolì, Nuoro (1996); Innovazione nella scultura contemporanea 1980-97, Musei civici, Reggio Emilia (1997); Lo spazio redefinito, Villa Litte, Lainate, Milan (1998); Nuove contaminazioni, Museo civico, Udine (1998); Scultura italiana del dopoguerra, Castello di Vigevano (2000); one-man show, Galleria Disegno, Mantua (2000); Mirabilia, Torre viscontea, Lecco (2001); one-man show, Galleria Milano; Arte in Italia negli anni '70, Polo umanistico, Erice (2003); Pietro Coletta - Gerolamo Romanici: sacra conversazione, Galleria S. Fedele, Milan (2004); one-man show, Galleria Quintacortile, Milan (2008); Palazzo Marazzani Visconti, Piacenza (2010).

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