Line 1-2-3+4+5
Dani Karavan
1982 - white concrete, stainless steel, wood

One line of white cement, drawn across a sloping field in the park, is interrupted by trees and thus divided into three segments. The line crosses through a bamboo forest and comes to an end by the shores of the lake.
The installation has been laid out in a way that emphasizes the symmetrical, logical structure of the park's original design. Beyond, the lake's rippling water softly rocks the fourth fragment of the line which Karavan added in 1989: a boat in bright stainless steel that blends into the water while continuing, in its shape and size, the concrete line. Thus visitors can, ideally, continue their straight path even across the lake's surface.
In 1999, the artist returned to the site to erect a square column, using the line's same white concrete, on the western side of the field, thus occupying the entire area.

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