Theme and Variations II
Fausto Melotti
1981 - stainless steel

Albeit an enlargement of a 1969 sculpture by the same title, which is conserved today in the historic section of the Gori Collection, this piece should be considered to be a precursor to the movement of site specific expression. Melotti held a large retrospective show at the Forte Belvedere in 1981 and, for this occasion, wanted to recreate some of his earlier pieces on a larger scale so that they could be displayed on the terraces that overlook the city of Florence. This particular work, with its scale and static nature, was carried out with the intent of housing it permanently at Celle. The transparency and delicacy of the composition was perfectly suited to the pond, in which the elements are reflected evanescently. The spheres, chains and other suspended components that move in the wind create slight sounds that imbue the artwork with a musical quality.

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