La serra dei poeti
Sandro Veronesi Andrea M. N. Mati
2018 - cypress, glass and steel

The Serra dei Poeti

Thirty cypresses arranged on four rows converging by the landscapist-musician Andrea M. N. Mati direct the visitor along the path towards the "focal" point of the work: a particular greenhouse, designed by the writer (and architect) Sandro Veronesi. inspired by the hyperbolic parabolic, engineering myth of the last century and a plastic expression of the physical concept of "resistance to form", Veronesi creates a monument in stainless steel and glass dedicated to poetry, intended as a universal symbol of "resistance to form"


Designed and built by the landscapeist-musician Andrea M. N. Mati, it is an intervention that consists of thirty Cupressus Sempervirens, Bolgheri variety, which, in addition to indicating the fulcrum of the work, suggest the path to reach it. Each of these thirty cypresses is dedicated to a poet of the Italian tradition, so powerful over the centuries that he can symbolize the whole of poetry. Andrea also has the task of taking care, inside the Serra, of the seedling in which are present the most loved and celebrated essences by the individual poets to whom the work is dedicated.

La Serra

This first artwork by the architect and writer Sandro Veronesi is the missing link that reconjoins the Fattoria di Celle's recent developments to the work Bartolomeo Sestini. A poet and patriot always, Sestini only once worked as an architect when he designed the Aviary of the park of Celle. The small structur's design is closely tied to prfoperties that would become the main features of environmental art, and this is why the aviary has become a symbol of our site specific interventions.

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