General Conditions for visiting the Collection

General Conditions for visiting the Collection:



Taking the tour means your tacit acceptance of the following General Conditions as well as of our Privacy Policy (

 The tour entails a challenging walk up and down hills - For tours on Saturday (the busiest day), groups are limited to max. 5 people.
- The collection is always closed on Sundays, national holidays, and in August.
- Most of the site specific work is outdoors: in case of bad weather, the tour will be shortened or, potentially, cancelled.
- Tours in April, May, June, September and October begin either at 10:00 a.m. or at 2:30 p.m; in July, to avoid heat, only at 9:30.
- Individuals and/or groups share their tours with other visitors so punctuality is always essential; anyone arriving later than 15 minutes for an appointment will not be allowed into the property.
- The tour guide is provided by the Gori Collection


- Tours cannot be modified. By requesting a tour visitors tacitly consent to these General Conditions and guarantee their willingness to complete the entire walk.
- To respect the privacy of Celle residents, visitors are asked not to remain on the property for more than ten minutes before and after their appointment.
- Ten minutes before your appointment you may ring the bell at the via Montalese gate and proceed up to the parking area among the olive trees at the top of the tree-lined driveway. From there you must walk back down the driveway to the Bookshop (at the first iron gate), where the tour group assembles.
- Photos and videos may be taken during the tour for personal use only. Any other usage, either digital or analogical, must be approved in writing by the Gori Collection.

- We advise comfortable walking shoes with no-slip soles.
- We kindly ask visitors to avoid using phones during the tour.
- There is no smoking on the premises.

Your compliance with these conditions will make the experience more pleasant for everyone. Enjoy your visit!


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