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The Fountains of Love
1993 - bronze

After his one-man show held at the Cascina Terrarossa in the summer of 1996, Golba designed a series of seven fountains that would make drinking water available at various points in the park. With the aim of rendering the form as close as possible to the surrounding nature, the artist created a bronze form that echoes the color of tree bark. About eighty centimeters high, each fountain stands on what looks like a tree trunk, upon which is found a small bowl. Each trunk is identical to the others, however, the position of the heads of the two "lovers" is different in each fountain. The Gori Collection donated seven of Golba's sculptural fountains to the Boboli Gardens in Florence.
After having undertaken the problem of a lack of drinking water at Celle, Golba was later involved in the farm's wine production: he designed the label that continues to identify the excellent bottles of Chianti sold from the cantina.

Hossein Golba

Hossein Golba was born in Babol, Iran. Today he lives and works in Tokyo.
Among his one man shows we recall here: Arcadia Nuova Gallery, Milan (1995); Angelo Savelli Center, Lamezia Terme (1995); San Carlo Gallery, Milan (1995); Extra Moenia, Todi (1996); Fattoria di Celle, Pistoia (1996); La Marrana, La Spezia (1997); Art Front Gallery, Tokyo (1998), Palazzo Pitti e il giardino di Boboli, Florence (2001).
His permanent public artworks can be seen at: Skironi Museum, Athens; Villa Marrana, La Spezia; Asian Garden, Hakata Riverlane, Fukuoka; Giardino di Boboli, Florence; Abaco Group, Prato; Parco di Pinocchio, Collodi; The Kanagawa Museum of Modern Art, Hayama; Kochi Health Sciences Center, Kochi.

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