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A Musician's Collage
1990 - photographs, published papoers and collage, frames

In this autobiographical tale, Chiari used the walls of a small room inside the fattoria in the same way he might have used the pages of a journal. He tells about, and pins down, the main episodes of his participation in the Fluxus movement. On the left wall, the artist has glued a collage of paper and drawings, original and photocopied documents, that tell of the most important moments of his life as an artist. Framed and arranged in a line above the window, some writings illustrate his thoughts pertaining to art and music. On the right wall, eight framed photographs document his performance from the 1960s entitled, "How to Play a Wall."

Giuseppe Chiari

Giuseppe Chiari (Florence, 1926 - Florence, 2007) was a prominent member of the Fluxus movement and held a number of performances and one man shows. Among them: Caserta and Milan (Studio Oggetto) in 1994; Palazzo Rocca and the multimedia space in the former Chiesa di San Francesco, Chiavari (1996); Centro per l'arte contemporanea, Rocca di Umbertide, Perugia (1996); Galleria Santo Ficara, Florence (1997); Palazzo Fabroni, Pistoia (2000); Galleria Vannucci, Pistoia (2002); Villa Romana, Florence (2005). Galleria il Ponte, Florence (2006); Studio Stefania Miscetti, Rome (2006); Galleria Pancaldi, Rome (2006); Earte Gallery, Turin (2007);Artantide, Verona (2007); Entropy art/in/progress, Naples (2008); Atelier, Calvenzano di Bergamo (2008); Teatro sala Umberto, Rome (2008-2009); Le Pleiadi, Mola di Bari (2008-2009); Arrivi - Archivio Ricerca Visiva, Milan (2009).

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