Celle Theater Space
Beverly Pepper
1992 - cast iron, tufa stone, earth (photo: Maurizio Gomez Serito, Studio MGS)

Celle Theater Space: Homage to Pietro Porcinai

The artist took advantage of a pre-existing slope located between the lake and the Tea House to create a sculpture that acts as both an independent work of art and a functioning theater. In the summertime, music, dance and other contemporary performances are held here.
Pepper created two pyramidal forms with vertical walls that are faced with cast-iron panels in relief and sloping tops that are planted with grass. At the top of the hill two "precursor columns" in cast-iron rise like sentinels, outlining the negative space of a tuning fork. Between the walls and the columns lie the tufa stone stage and the seating area, where the steps, defined by tufa and planted with grass, provide places for about three hundred spectators.

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