The Fallen and the Saved
Robert Morris
2000 - fiberglass, steel cables

Inside a small storage building just in front of Cascina Terrarossa, Morris has installed eight fiberglass "urns", of which only one sits on the ground. The others are suspended from the ceiling at various angles and their positions fluctuate due to the wind that enters the open room. Visitors going from the bright entrance into the progressively darkening space must walk among the urns; this experience inside the artwork draws interesting comparisons to Labyrinth. Only from the back of the room can one fully appreciate the play of natural light as it falls from above. The form of these great urns derives from both the great olive oil jars still in use at Celle's oil-pressing facility, and from ancient funerary urns that Morris observed in museums during a trip to Sicily he had taken just before the execution of this piece.

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