Melencolia II
Robert Morris Claudio Parmiggiani
2002 - bronze, marble

This piece is the result of a collaboration between two artists who met at Celle by chance. Although their typical work is radically different, Parmiggiani and Morris share a particular sensitivity toward space and the relevance of art from antiquity to today, and it was on this fertile terrain that they began their creative convergence. Both artists had, in the past, made reference to aspects of Albrecht Dürer's Melencolia; at Celle they decided to recreate several elements derived from the famous engraving and place them at the center of a small valley densely covered with bamboo. The sun filtering through the leaves creates plays of light on the surface of the white marble wheel, polyhedron, sphere, and column (the column carved in the now unattainable cipollino marble) and on the bronze bell. This renders the objects almost diaphanous and creates a spellbinding composition.

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