La Cabane éclatée aux 4 Salles
Daniel Buren
2005 - concrte, mirrors, acrylic paints

The French artist chose a clearing immediately next to the park, partially bordered by wire fencing and surrounded by thick vegetation. A parallelepiped open to the sky, the cabane would appear to be enormous if the exterior were not completely covered with mirrors. This makes the construction's remarkable volume disappear into, or at least become more discrete with, the natural surroundings.
Inside, the cabane is divided into four rooms, measuring 400 x 400 cm, each with two mirrored walls and two walls painted different colors. There is a door-like opening 100 cm wide in the middle of each room's exterior wall. The "door" that has been removed from each wall has been placed directly in front of the opening from which it seemingly originated. These projections, or as the title says, "explosions", stand four meters from the perimeter of the Cabane. The side facing the façade takes the color of the indoor wall, while the exterior side is covered by a mirror.

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