Ring of Verde di Prato Stone
Richard Long
1985 - stone

The artist worked inside the former hayloft of the fattoria building as well as in a field near the villa, behind the large aviary, to create two complementary installations.
For the first part of his work, Long used a material dear to Tuscans and to Giuliano Gori in particular: the local green stone known as "verde di Prato." Chosen from the discarded material of Prato's former quarry which is only a few miles from the Collection, the stones were arranged to make a large circle (total diameter 6.2m). This material, which can still be admired on the façades of the Gothic and Romanic churches in Tuscany, has a surface with rich tones of green, as well as veins of black and white. All of these colors contrast with the red brick floor on which the stones rest.

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