The Celle Property

Although documents indicate that a construction already existed on the site in the year 1000, the Villa Celle and the chapel next to it were built, in their present form, in the late seventeenth century by Cardinal Carlo Agostino Fabroni from Pistoia. In the mid 1800s local architect Giovanni Gambini was commissioned to enlarge the park, designing an English-style garden.
Extending over an area of roughly sixty acres, the park is an extraordinary example of the Romantic ideal of nature. Bordering the garden, an expanse of farmland continues to produce excellent Chianti wine and extravirgin olive oil.

When he moved his collection here in 1970, Giuliano Gori was inspired by some of the pre-existing nineteenth century follies (the aviary, the tea house, the Egyptian monument, etc.) to carry on the properrty's tradition of hosting art works made specifically for its spaces. His idea was to ask each artist to choose his/her own site (either outdoors or inside one of the old buildings) and then to develop the idea according to the place chosen. 
The result is a collection of artworks that are inseparable from the property; they do not "occupy" space as much as become an integral part of the site and the wider landscape.

The Fattoria di Celle has been instrumental in developing appreciation for today's art among young people and, every year, the collection is visited by thousands of visitors, especially contemporary art professionals.

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